WWD: Wrestlers Will Defeat is the 2nd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

The contestants go find the cabins they'll be staying in, and immediately, Isabel starts a fight with Lily and Jessica. Meanwhile, Emma is the first to arrive at the cabin area, which turns out to be 4 sets of buildings. An empty shed, a small shop, a tree house, and a set of jail cells.

After all the contestants arrive, they're given time to relax before the first challenge. At the first challenge, Ricky sneaks onto the boat Matthew is on, and Matthew announces he is cut from the challenge. Isabel begins to make people irritated with her judgmental attitude. At the second part of the challenge, Isabel and Emma erupt in a huge fight, and begin throwing other contestants at each other. Matthew announces the challenge is cancelled, and everyone except Emma and Isabel win immunity for the day.

At the first bonfire, T talks about how bonfire works. If he calls a contestant's name, that person has received the vote of approval, and continues onto the next day. The last person who's name hasn't been called is out of the game, and has to leave the island immediately. Isabel ended up being the first person out of Who Will Defeat.

Challenge Edit

The challenge was the wrestle each other off a platform in the water.

Voting Edit

Commander Carrie, Deemo, Emma, Ex, Isabel, Jack, Jake, Jay, Jessica, Joe, Kevin, Leah, Pete, Princess, Ricky, Roman, Samson, Sharon, Steve, Susie, Whip
Voted Off

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