Hiding Freaks is the 3rd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

Matthew gathers the contestants to the bonfire area to explain the challenge, which is a hide-and-seek game in which all the hiders have to get to a checkpoint without being found. Aaron volunteers to be the starting seeker. Matthew says if any seeker can find at least 10 hiders, they win immunity.

Blood Ninja finds his way to the checkpoint first, and Brad is found under Matthew's off-roader. An exhausted Martin Blue makes his way to the checkpoint.

Deemo makes a plan to build a base to hide in, while Jake and Commander Carrie hide in a giant tree at the center of the island.

Bill is making his way to the checkpoint by hiding in a trash can. Shocking to everyone, he makes it to the end. Meanwhile, Jake and Commander Carrie notice a group of people talking. They go down to investigate, and find Jay making an alliance to make to the end. The two join, and they all make it to the end.

The winners discuss who to vote off, and they all settle on Spingebill, due to his unworthiness in the game. At the bonfire, Spingebill is voted off.

Challenge Edit

Find your way to a checkpoint on the other side of the island without getting caught by a seeker. If you get caught, you become a seeker.

Voting Edit

Aaron, Ace, A-head, Captain Board, Constantino, Crusher, Deemo, Emma, Ex, Hooky, Lacy, Leah, Lily, Pete, Princess, Ricky, Samathon, Steve, Spingebill, Xander
Voted Off

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